Who We Are

Shepherd’s Heart Children’s Home was opened in response to the heart rending cries of the vulnerable children in Srilanka. We strive to offer a stable life in a safe environment for hurting children.

What We Do

We provide a shelter to children in Sri Lanka who doesn’t have families or a suitable environment to live in. We provide them a healthy environment where they are surrounded by good values so they could be inspiring young women in the future. We fund their education and make sure they are provided with a wholesome education so they could be equipped intellectually and we also provide these young girls with their needs and wants.

We Care

We Educate

We Provide

My Testimony

I was abandoned by my parents and taken care by my Aunt. I had never attended school before I came to Shepherd 's Heart Children 's Home . After coming here I found a family that loves me and supports me. I attend school now and my favorite subject is Mathematics.
Amanda Lee
I grew up in a home where I felt unsafe and unprotected. I was stopped from school to work at home. After I was taken by child care and brought to Shepherd's Heart, I have felt safe and protected. I love my new family
Adam Cheise